We can offer a full service for waste and PAS110 products. From haulage, external storage and application to land.

We hold a Mobile Land Spreading Permit which allows us to spread certain waste streams to land for agricultural benefit.

To allow this we have our in house team of land finders, environmental team to complete the necessary deployments to the Environment Agency. Including FACTS qualified personnel for calculating nutrient requirements and benefits.

We have in place a Industry leading Environmental Management System to ensure any waste is handled in a compliant manor.

We have our own haulage fleet to collect the products and deliver them to the place to be spread.

Often these products need to be stored prior to application. This is where our sister company AWSM Storage Solutions Ltd comes in. As we are the UK agent for the Genap Silo System and other storage products.

Due to our farming roots in AWSM Farming Ltd we have a complete understanding of how to get these valuable products to land. And have a range of application systems to get the product onto land in an accurate and even manor at the time the crops need them.

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